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Worship for the Great Turning

by Jill McAllister

In her book Active Hope, and in much work around that topic, Joanna Macy defines and describes an empowerment process to help us keep moving forward, away from “business as usual” (the economic/political status quo) and also away from despair for the world. For her, the third way, “The Great Turning,” is accomplished by “The […]

UUs in the News: Connections Deep and Wide

by Jamie Petts

By Susan Christie, Chair, Climate Justice Committee Some events of recent weeks have made me even more proud to be a UU than I was already. Our beloved community at UUFC, in itself, seems like a miracle in my life, but our Fellowship, here in our corner of Oregon, is not all there is. Unitarian […]

Stewardship News

by Jamie Petts

Funding Our Mission—Your Input Will Help Us Build On Last Year’s Success! Thanks to the generosity and commitment of all who participated in our pledge drive last spring, we met our goal of raising 20% more in pledges than the previous year, and the highest pledge amount ever for UUFC. This has allowed us to […]

Between Us (Rev Jill’s column)

by Jill McAllister

We begin a consideration of Hinduism this month, as a source of wisdom for our religious and spiritual lives. Like all classic religious traditions, Hinduism encompasses a vast array of different beliefs, practices, languages, and ideas. In fact, several strands of Hindu tradition emphasize the necessity of honoring differences, arising from thousands of years of […]