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Safety on Sunday Mornings

by Jamie Petts

“Safety” covers a variety of situations. Our October focus is our Fire Alarm Evacuation Plan. (Rumor: there may be a fire drill during one of our Sunday morning services this Fall!) When the fire alarm sounds, everyone needs to leave the building and meet at the Primary Assembly point: the north end of the parking […]

From the Director of Music

by Jamie Petts

The music program at UUFC has gotten off to a great start this year. We had our second Music Sharing Night last month. An hour before the start of the event music could be heard from all corners of the building as the various acts warmed up for the performance. Performances included many types of […]

Between Us (Rev Jill’s column)

by Jill McAllister

Last week on Sunday morning one of the songs we shared was “Building A New Way.” I’ve wondered if that might become a theme song, of sorts, for this year at the Fellowship, indeed for this year in our lives. Building a new way is exactly what is asked of us at this time in […]

Leadership: Building the Common Good, by Kyle Jansson

by Jamie Petts

There is a phrase in the hymn “For All That is Our Life” (#128 in the grey hymnal) that captures for me what leadership in the UUFC is all about: “… to build the common good.” That sense of building “the common good” has been with me since I joined my first committee years ago […]