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New Lifespan RE Council

by Jamie Petts

Religious Exploration (RE) at the Fellowship is undergoing a transition which will expand and unify our programs for religious growth and learning. Here is an overview of the changes. First, instead of thinking of “RE” as “programs for kids,” we should recognize that religious exploration is ongoing and important for all ages. Our fantastic programs […]

New Additions to Worship at the Fellowship

by Jamie Petts

As we start a new year, the Worship Committee has a few exciting changes to announce. The first is that every Sunday all ages—children, youth, and adults—will gather together at the start of the 11:00 AM service. We’ll light the chalice and share opening words and singing, before RE classes begin. It may be a […]

Vespers (Rev. Jill’s Column)

by Jill McAllister

If you have one association with the word “Vespers,” it may be its use as a name for the evening prayer service in the Orthodox, Western Catholic, Eastern Catholic, Anglican and Lutheran Christian traditions. Or, it may be the vesper sparrow that comes to mind, a large sparrow with a range covering much of North […]

Between Us… (Rev. Jill’s Column, Sept 2014)

by Jill McAllister

Gently the earth tilts again on its axis — we can feel it in the air. Summer is shifting to late summer, and it’s time to gather again at the Fellowship for the beginning of a new church year. What a year we have ahead of us — much to consider, much to learn, many […]