Annual Pledge Drive

Annual pledges and gifts account for more than 80% of each year’s Fellowship budget.  This means that each donation is of great importance in helping the UUFC to achieve its goals.  We ask all UUFC members and friends to make a pledge of support in recognition of the ways on which the UUFC has touched your life – Sunday worship, music, social interactions, social and climate justice work, youth growth and development, spiritual enrichment, or something entirely unique and personal.  Pledges can be made during our annual pledge drive (click here for more information) or at any time by contacting the UUFC office ( – 541- 752-5218).  To complete a pledge using bank transfer or credit card, go to our Online Donation Page.   If you have questions about pledging, click on the FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) button below.

The UUFC Maple Tree Trio
lighting the chalice