Who knew that six months could pass so quickly?

Mid-July seems merely a few weeks past, when, unsure of what my future held, I stapled copies of my resume to job applications for Dutch Bros and grabbed my car keys on my way out the door to drop them off…and then Jill McAllister called to offer me the position of RE Associate at the UUFC. I was excited and grateful, but as I tossed those Dutch Bros applications in the recycling bin, I was also terrified. I knew a lot about curriculum development, volunteer management, and teaching youth and adults, but I knew only a little bit about Unitarian Universalism. Was I really qualified to do this? I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Six months later, I’m still learning about what I’ve gotten myself into, but as it turns out, that’s okay, because Unitarian Universalism seems to me to be more a process of learning than anything else. Every day, I learn more about the diversity of spiritual practice, the intersection of faith and social justice, the importance of community, and the admirable UU commitment to the constant availability of coffee. I’m thankful for all the small ways in which the Fellowship and its members have made me feel welcome in both my new job and my new community. Although I’ve only been here half a year, it already feels like home.

As it turns out, I’d much rather drink coffee with my new Unitarian Universalist family than at Dutch Bros. The coffee tastes a lot better, and the conversation is lot more interesting.

-Rachel Kohler, RE Associate