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Behind today’s music: Turn! Turn! Turn!

by Lauren Servias

This morning’s service began with, “I Will Remember You”, which was composed and originally performed by Sarah McLachlan.  This prelude was dedicated to and in memory of long-time UUFC member Bob Ozretich, who passed away yesterday. “I Will Remember You”, performed by Sarah McLachlan This weekend we honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., whose peaceful work toward […]

Behind today’s music: Give thanks that their light didn’t die

by Lauren Servias

‘Tis the season for…musical diversity!  One question that has been asked a few times over the past couple of years is, “Why isn’t there more Christmas music at the UUFC on Sunday mornings?”  An explanation will be given of how the UUFC welcomes a wide range of beliefs so over the years we have tried to reflect the music from […]

Behind today’s music: Hold on

by Lauren Servias

Strength and humility.  These seem like odd bedfellows, but make sense after hearing Jill’s sermon today.  We must have strength, both to survive hardships and wrongdoings and to fight for what we know to be right.  But we also need to have humility – the humility to know that we may not win every battle, […]

Behind today’s music: Risky business

by Lauren Servias

Live as one. This is a message that Unitarian Universalists can embrace, as well as the title and theme of Oregon State University’s recent unity concert. This performance included readings, music, and dance that all presented a message of love, peace, and equality. The concert ended with a new song, “Live as One”, composed by […]

Behind today’s music: What guides our actions?

by Lauren Servias

Every moment that we have lived has led to the one we are presently living, and every moment we live from this point on will lead to another. “The Long and Winding Road ” was The Beatles’ twentieth and final number one single in the United States. Paul McCartney wrote this song as a reflection […]

Behind today’s music: We begin again in love

by Lauren Servias

The air is crisp, the college students have returned, and last Friday was the Fall Equinox.  “Autumn Leaves” – the great jazz standard sung by everyone from Edith Piaf to Bob Dylan – seemed like the perfect way to begin this cold but bright Sunday morning. After the stifling heat and smokiness of early September, this […]

Behind Today’s Music: River of Dreams

by Lauren Servias

he   he Water Service is one of my favorite services of the year. It has that same exciting feeling we got for the first day of school; we reunite, greet each other after a summer of traveling and relaxing, and prepare for a new year as a church family. We combine water that we’ve […]

Behind today’s music: Heaven on Their Minds

by Lauren Servias

As we eagerly await tomorrow’s main event, we have been surrounded by all things eclipse-related: the OSU 150 Space Grant Festival, the Totality exhibit at the Fairbanks Art Gallery, and so, so many eclipse-themed concerts in the area.  There is such a wealth of music involving the skies that it was almost too easy to choose music for today’s […]

Behind today’s music

by Lauren Servias

Last weekend, our very own Leslie Chartier became the Rev. Leslie Chartier at a beautiful ordination that was filled with joy, humor, and spirit.  While Leslie joined the ranks of Unitarian Universalist ministers, her installation was held at the First United Methodist Church of Corvallis, where Leslie has served as an intern on her path to ordination.  One of […]

Reverend Jill McAllister: Bravery, Vulnerability

by Jill McAllister

From the Corvallis Advocate. The Reverend Jill McAllister can’t remember the answers she once gave when people asked, “How are you?” Lately, she finds herself saying, “I am tired.” Or she might say, “Things are immense.” McAllister’s congregation, the Unitarian Universalist (UU) Fellowship of Corvallis, is still reeling from the ascendance of President Trump. The […]