West entrance to the UUFC, off NW Firwood Drive and adjacent to the parking lot.

We Invite You to Rent Our Facilities

Rooms and entire buildings at the UUFC are often rented for private and community events. Our facilities and adjoining grounds are beautiful, functional, and may be perfect for your purposes. Below you will find information on how to check on availability, rental rates, policies, and insurance requirements. You’ll also find information about each space or facility, including a photograph, capacity, available tables and chairs, restrooms, food service options, and more.

Rental Process

To request space, follow the process below. Feel free to contact the UUFC rental administrator for any questions you have.

Step 1 – Check out our facility descriptions below to see if they might fit your needs.

Step 2 – Check the UUFC Calendar for space availability and alternative dates.

Step 3 – Review our rental rates and policies, and download and complete required agreement forms:

UUFC Rental Rates

UUFC Rental Policies : in progress

UUFC Renter Insurance Requirements

UUFC Renter Hold Harmless Agreement

Step 4 – Finally, download and complete a UUFC Facility Rental Reservation Request (or send this information in an email to If you need more information or have questions, please contact staff @ 541-752-5218 or We welcome your inquiries!

Staff will return a draft rental agreement to the email address provided. A $60 refundable deposit will then be collected to reserve your space.

UUFC Rooms and Facilities You Can Rent

The most frequently rented spaces are our Sanctuary/Fellowship Hall, our Social Hall, and Kitchen. Our grounds and classrooms are also available and described below. Restrooms are available in several locations. Our rates are competitive and ample off-street parking is available. Feel free to call or email our office at (541) 752-5218 or for more information.

Sanctuary/Fellowship Hall – With high ceilings and expansive views of our beautiful grounds, the sanctuary seats 300, although it is typically set up for about 200. The beauty of this room makes it a frequent choice for weddings; its wonderful acoustics makes it well-suited for concerts and lectures.

Social Hall – This room has an assembly capacity of 99 and a seated capacity of 75. Its patio doors provide access to a 400 square deck and a cobblestone courtyard bordered by three grand old oaks. Eight eight-foot tables and about 100 metal folding chairs are closeted in the social Hall and are available to renters. Often rented with the Social Hall is our Kitchen, which has two stoves, ample work space, and dividers which open or close it to the activities in the Social Hall. These spaces are perfect for meetings, all-day conferences, parties, and dinners.

Classroom 4 (Dr Seuss) – Childcare-oriented

Classroom 5 (Beatrix Potter) – Childcare-oriented

Classroom 6 A, B and C (together as the PT Barnum 3-Ring Circus or separately) – Children-oriented (during the week rental of 6A and 6B is conditional due to their use for a preschool on weekdays)

Classroom 7 (Ralph Waldo Emerson) – 25-30 capacity with couches, easy chairs, and folding chairs

Classroom 8 (Susan B. Anthony) – 10-15 capacity with folding chairs and tables

Classroom 9 (Clara Barton) – 2nd floor room, 20-25 capacity with couches, easy chairs, and folding chairs

Classroom 10 (Christopher Reeves) – 2nd floor room, 15-20 capacity with couches, table chairs, and folding chairs

Upstairs Mezzanine – used in conjunction with Rooms 9, 10, or both.

We also have equipment to rent.

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