Follow along here for the most recent happenings in the building design project!

View our plan so far for the conceptual design: Conceptual Design

As we work on the plan for our building enhancement, we are keeping in mind our UU principle of respecting the interdependent web of all existence. A concrete way to do that is to make our new structure as energy efficient as possible. At our request, our architect, Brian Melton, has written a memo describing the energy-efficient features embedded in the conceptual plan and many opportunities we may choose for even greater efficiency. View the memo here.


Did you miss the building newsletters? No problem, you can read them here!

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“Our Shared Future” Stewardship Campaign Brochure

Each year UUFC Members and Friends come together to make the pledges of financial support that enable the UUFC to exist, and to serve as a beacon of liberal religion and the focal point of a vibrant community.

The 2017-2018 stewardship campaign began Sunday, February 12, and finished on Sunday, March 19, Pledge Sunday, when we all ceremoniously turned in pledges together and celebrated our shared commitments and success. Your Annual Pledge is the single most important source of support for the Fellowship and nothing else in this campaign is more important than your continued generous contribution to the UUFC operating budget. However, this year, we also asked everyone to consider an additional three-year pledge, above and beyond the annual pledge, to help fund the transformation and improvement of UUFC’s facilities.

The pledge goal for 2017-2018 is $390,000, a 3% increase over this year, to support expanded staffing and outreach as we aim to be most effective in living out our values in today’s uncertain world. The $1.5 million Capital Campaign goal includes needed building updates, repairs, and enhancements, especially an expansion of the current social hall and kitchen. Coming together, joining in discernment, participating in Our Shared Future – together – will make us more resilient as a community and help us understand the value and magnitude of our shared efforts. This takes ALL of us, including you. Please consider a generous pledge.

Pledge packets were mailed in early March. If you did not receive yours, please contact the office ( or click here to download a pledge card that you can turn in at the Fellowship.

Click here to read more about pledging, how to fulfill your pledge, and this year’s capital campaign.



Giving is a spiritual practice.

We believe in the ancient spiritual practice of giving, one that deepens and strengthens the soul. Members of this Fellowship who give generously—to this Fellowship and elsewhere—tell of the joy and empowerment they feel when they live out of a sense of abundance. Our faith calls us to welcome the stranger at the door, to share our resources with others in need, and to care for our planet, and we can do these things through our annual pledges.

This Fellowship, like all Unitarian Universalist congregations, is self-sustaining. Our primary source of financial support comes from members and friends who value the vital role that the Fellowship plays in our lives, the lives of our children, and the larger community and world. We receive no outside financial support. To sustain this community, we contribute both our talents and treasures, not just for ourselves in our time, but for our children, our grandchildren, and the future. Your pledges (and contributions) are essential toward that goal.

What’s the difference between a pledge and a contribution? A pledge is a signed commitment of sustained support throughout the year, around which the Fellowship builds its budget and programs. We depend upon your pledges for the continued health and well-being of our congregation. Your pledges ensure continued powerful ministries, inspiring worship, high-quality religious exploration programs for all ages, and equitable staff compensation. Your pledges also help us fulfill our commitments to social and environmental justice; caring for members, friends, and others in times of need; and healing the world. During the Annual Pledge Drive each spring, UUFC members are asked to pledge their financial support for this Fellowship to continue its good work.

On the other hand, a contribution is a gift that is appreciated and valued, but it is not something the Fellowship can count on into the future. We gratefully receive contributions to our general operating fund, building fund, endowment fund, or our monthly charity. Contributions may be mailed to the Fellowship or put into the Sunday collection basket. Make your check payable to UUFC and indicate if it is for the operating fund or another fund.


How much should I pledge? The current minimum pledge required for membership is $135 annually, which only pays for our annual per-person dues obligation to the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) and the Pacific Northwest District. A minimum pledge does not support the operations of our own congregation.

We therefore ask our members to consider pledging a percentage of their annual income. See the Pledging Worksheet for one approach to determining this. The UUA has developed a Fair Share Giving Guide (below), with 2% of one’s annual income considered the minimum for “fair share” giving. This is simply a guide – some of our members pledge at higher levels and others at lower levels, based on their capability.

Members renew their pledges annually. When a new member joins the Fellowship, he or she agrees, as a condition of membership, to make a commitment to support the annual operating fund. The pledge you make upon joining is for the remainder of the current fiscal year (ending June 30). Then, each year during our Annual Pledge Drive, all of the members of our congregation will be asked to make a new pledge for the next fiscal year.



For more information on planned giving, ways to give, and types of gifts, click here for an informational brochure.


If you have appreciated stock in a corporation, you can give it directly to the Fellowship at market value and avoid the capital gains tax. The method for doing this efficiently varies with the stock and whether you have the certificate. Contact the UUFC office at 541-752-5218 and ask to be put in touch with the Business Manager for more information.


Many members choose to include the UUFC as a beneficiary of their estates. Contact the UUFC office at 541-752-5218 and ask to be put in touch with the Business Manager for more information.


Building Project Updates

February 2017

Answers to Questions from the Cottage Meetings

At our Cottage Meetings for the Capital Campaign, questions sometimes arise that the presenters aren’t able to answer. We have been collecting these questions, and answers are now available HERE. We will update this document periodically as new questions come in.

*Answers in the first set written by Chris Bentley (CB), Carl English-Young (CEY), Shikha Gottfried (SG), and Jeff Susor (JS).

Cottage Meetings are underway! If you haven’t signed up to attend one, please do so here:
The Board of Trustees update on the Building Enhancement Project

By Carl English-Young

The questions before the Board revolved around the estimated cost of the conceptual plan presented to the congregation on December 11 and the goal to be set for the capital campaign. After discussion of the features of the conceptual plan, the Board asked the Building Design Team to set up a meeting between the architect, the Board and the Capital Campaign Committee. A conference call was held on Thursday, January 19, and the architects presented information about possible phasing of the project and a rough estimate of costs. In this conversation, we heard what we needed to hear: That there is a way forward, which is in the range of what we can afford. It will not be the full vision presented in December, but it will be a step in that direction, which focuses on our highest priorities. It will include building some additional space and renovating some existing space. On Monday, January 23, the Board agreed to keep moving forward in this direction, and to proceed with the capital campaign to fund the project.


Our Shared Future: One Stewardship Campaign, With Multiple Purposes

By John Bailey, Herky Gottfried, and Shikha Gottfried, Campaign Co-Chairs

Each year we ask the members and friends of our congregation to sustain our mission in the year ahead. Your generous support of our annual stewardship campaign supports the daily work of our Fellowship and allows us to make our values concrete by gathering together as a liberal religious community, undertaking shared action, forming ourselves and the next generation through religious exploration, and ministering to one another in times of celebration and need. This year we will be asking people for additional consideration, as some of the opportunities before us extend beyond just the 2017-18 budget year. The 2017 stewardship campaign will kickoff on February 12 and will invite people to consider the full range of support that healthy congregations need to thrive:

1. Your Annual Pledge is our single most important source of support and nothing else we will be talking about in the campaign is more important than your continued generous contribution to our operating budget.
2. In times of special need, congregations often undertake a Capital Campaign to invite added support for a dedicated purpose over multiple years. This year we will be asking people to consider a three-year pledge above and beyond your annual pledge to help fund the transformation and improvement of UUFC’s facilities. Capital pledges will be payable any time between now and June 30, 2020.
3. Finally, Legacy Gifts, whether in the form of bequests, charitable annuities, or other transfers of appreciated property, provide an impact beyond an individual’s lifetime. Past gifts established our endowment and a bequest from Rita McDonald funded the 2006-07 renovation of the RE wing.

We face important questions about how we equip ourselves to support existing and future work, both programmatically and with adequate facilities. The 2017 stewardship campaign is intended as a chance for us to wrestle with those possibilities together – where we are headed and what resources are available to take us there. In the weeks ahead, we – along with many, many fellow volunteers – will do our best to share a vision for possibilities, invite dialogue and debate, answer the many questions on people’s minds, and invite your generous response to sustaining our Fellowship.

January 2017

Stewardship Campaign

The Fellowship is in the early stages of planning a special 2017 stewardship campaign that will encourage members and friends to support both the 2017-18 operating budget and the improvement and expansion of our facilities. Teams of volunteers are planning activities to ensure that people are prepared to make an informed, considered decision about their support for the Fellowship when we conclude the campaign in March.

The Communications Team will publish a third special newsletter in early January detailing aspects of the conceptual design for our facilities presented by Di Loreto Architecture on December 11.

The Events Team is recruiting over two dozen Cottage Meeting hosts to provide opportunities to learn more about the Fellowship’s plans for the future and to have questions and concerns addressed.

The Ambassadors Team will meet in early January to plan outreach efforts and identify questions we need to clarify prior to kicking off the campaign.

Additional work is underway by the Children and Families, Inspiration, and Gratitude Teams as we near our scheduled February 12 Campaign Kickoff.


December 2016

Update from the Building Design Team

Since this past spring we have spent many hours learning from our congregation members about how our building structure and site could be enhanced with the goals of increasing our capacity to gather in community, comfort, service and activism. This beloved space is truly both a home and a refuge for our congregation in an ever changing world.

More recently, our committee has had the exciting experience of witnessing our DiLoreto architecture team transform the many ideas we gathered into design concepts for us to consider as they work towards creating an overall schematic design for our site.

We hope as many of you as possible will be able to attend their presentation of some preliminary ideas on Sunday, December 11th. This will be an opportunity for us to hear how our congregation priorities as well as our current building structure informed their design decisions. It will also be a time to ask questions and give further feedback.

We will gather in the Sanctuary at 12:00-1:30 PM for this presentation. Because we have renters using our facility starting at 2 PM, Rev McAllister will be tightening the timeline of the second service to allow enough time with our architects.

Lunch and activities for children who are elementary age and younger will be provided. Please contact Michael Molk at 541-752-5218 ext. 225 or email him at to let him know the number and ages of children who will be attending. We invite middle school and high school youth to attend and participate in the meeting.

Thank you for your continued engagement with this important process.

Marcia Shaw (Committee Chair), Chris Bentley, Kelley Kendall, Peter Sandford, Keith Martin


October 2016

Discovery Worksop #2

Discovery Workshop #1 Program Notes


Campaign Planning Underway

Volunteers met for the first time October 18 to begin planning UUFC’s 2017 stewardship campaign. This year’s campaign will be different than previous ones in that we will be inviting members and friends to consider two separate financial commitments – one to support the daily life of the Fellowship and one to fund the building project currently being developed.

Six teams will be working on various aspects of our campaign between now and Spring 2017. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, contact one of the leaders below:

Inspiration: Susan Breckenridge, (541) 757-2752

Communications: Virginia Shapiro, (541) 223-8859

Events: Wendy Sutton, (541) 753-6931

Children & Families: Michael Molk and Rachel Kohler or, (541) 752-5218

Ambassadors: Nancy Kyle, (541) 602-1930

Gratitude: Chere Pereira



Architect Workshop

Mark your calendars for Sunday, September 25, for a workshop at the Fellowship with our architect, Chris DiLoreto, from 1:30 to 3 pm. Everyone is invited for a structured process that will help us clarify our needs and communicate to our architect the goals and requirements of our Building Enhancement Project. The proven and thorough workshop process is one of the reasons that the Building Design Team recommended we hire this architecture firm. In addition, our Capital Campaign consultant, Jeff Susor, will be present and available to answer questions. Jeff will also be meeting with John Bailey, Capital Campaign Chair, and others interested in volunteering for the campaign.