The announcement email distribution list for the UUFC is announce@uucorvallis.org.  Content must be specific to UUFC.

Signing Up

To subscribe to announce@uucorvallis.org, send an email to office@uucorvallis.org and request to be added to the UUAnnounce Group.

Sending Announcements to UUAnnounce

When writing an email for UUAnnounce please use the following guidelines. Doing so is likely to avoid delay in the posting of your message and will make the volunteer moderators happier! (Moderators are not able to edit messages; we can only post or reject them.)

Include the following in your email:

Subject: Make it concise yet descriptive. Think of it as a title. Do not assume that the reader has read previous emails about the same subject. Include important facts, such as the date and the title of an event. If it’s overly long, the end may be cut off for some readers, so put information of lesser importance at the end.

How this event is related to the UUFC. UUAnnounce is for UUFC-related business and activities. If it is a UUFC-sponsored event or fundraiser, please indicate the committee or group involved. If it is a part of UUFC Adult Programs, please mention that.

Name and contact information as part of the message: Include a phone and/or email address that you prefer people use to contact you—or someone else, if applicable—if readers have questions. Do not assume that the reader can easily get your email address from the message.

No attachments. This includes no graphics within your email.



A second list for discussion, discuss@uucorvallis.org, has also been set up. This list will be only lightly moderated and is open to a variety of topics, including community and non-UUFC events.

To subscribe to discuss@uucorvallis.org, follow the same instructions as above.

Questions? Email office@uucorvallis.org