UUFC Women’s Retreat 2016

September 16-18, 2016
Silver Falls Conference Center

Welcome to the 2016 UU Women’s Retreat,
September 16-18, at Silver Falls Conference Center (SFCC).
We Are Because I Am

We are wrapping up the last bits of “to do” and are looking forward to gathering. Below you will find information and reminders that will enhance your weekend experience:

This is YOUR weekend! Join in or spend your time as you choose.

Arrange Car Pools:
Go to our CarPool link to to arrange rides.

Map to Silver Falls:
Here is a map to Silver Falls Conference Center. It gives you different ways to get there and you choose one. I always choose the one that includes travel on Hwy 34 and Hwy 214 so I don’t stay on I-5.

When you check-in at SFCC you will receive your lodge/cabin/duplex room assignment and key. When you get your key, you will get a site map and a parking pass good throughout Silver Falls State Park. The weekend schedule will be posted in your lodge and the meeting rooms. Come early (before 4:00p) and hike the Falls path—Ask us for the free park pass before your trip!

Arrival Times:
Full Timers: Keys will be available at 4:00pm, Friday, September 16.
Dinner will begin at 6:00pm.
You can come anytime you want and enjoy the grounds of Silver Falls, curl up with a book, or join us in the lodge.
If you ordered a T-shirt, we will have the logo ironing station set up in the Fireplace Room. If you brought your own T-shirt, your logo will be at the same station.
Day Trippers: The Saturday Program begins at 9:30am. Try to join us at 9:00am for orientation in the Lodge. You will be arriving after breakfast.

Things to bring:
Map to Silver Falls Conference Center (once in SF State Park, look for the signs with our logo, they will show you the way), toiletries, meds, flashlight & batteries, warm clothing, hiking boots, umbrella (?), books to add to our book swap table, journal, pens/pencils, camera, binoculars, water bottle, ground coffee to brew in your cabin, knitting/crocheting supplies, games, puzzles, swim suit (the unheated pool may be open)

Altar: Bring some small thing that will represent your connection to ancestors, heritage, history, community, or….. In few words, be ready to name that connection.

Our Minister, Jill McAllister, will be leading our program, “We Are Because I Am”. She is going to lead us in finding ways to connect more deeply. The Friday evening program is from 7:00-9:00 in Smith Hall; the Saturday program is from 9:30-12:00. There will be an opportunity to reflect “how you connect, how to connect more deeply, how to reach out and connect with people you do not know”.  If you choose, bring your journal or other reflection tools of your choice.

Small Group Sessions:
Saturday afternoon sessions including:  self-directed knitting/crocheting, Eating Sustainably, Sketching, Gentle Pilates, Laughter-In-Labyrinths As A Spiritual Practice, Authentic Movement/Mirroring, and more….

Saturday night Dance Party:
Smith Hall into a Dy-no-mite Dance Party. Bring your dancin’ shoes and duds! Then tip toe to your pillow for good-night sleep in the woods. 8:00-10:00pm,
For those not inclined to dance, the Dining Hall will be open until 8:00 for Arts & Crafts, Puzzles, Knitting, or connecting.

Alcohol and candles:
You may have alcohol in your rooms but no where else at Silver Falls.
There are no open flames allowed anywhere at SFCC.

Quiet time begins at 10:00pm. Please respect the night for others’ who want to get to sleep early.

Checking out:
Friday and Saturday, Once you are checked in, please let us know if you are leaving and where you are going. That makes looking for you easier. There will be a “sign out/sign in” sheet on the table near the door in the dining hall.
The Women’s Retreat will be over after lunch on Sunday. However, we will be gathering keys from 10:00am on. Please move out of your room before Sunday lunch and remember to check in your key. If you forget and take your key home, it will be your responsibility to see that it is returned to SFCC. 🙂

Come prepared:  Pack your open heart, loving acceptance of differences, and your sense of humor. Participate or not, you will create the memories you bring home. This is Your Retreat!

The 2016 Women’s Retreat Committee
Bobbi Guzman, Cyndi Oyster, Dianne Roth, Janelle Walters, Susan Breckenridge, Traci Merritt, Valerie Hervey

We hope you come, make new connections, and enjoy yourself.

If you have any questions, please reply to this email.

Warmly, Dianne Roth
Chair, 2016 Women’s Retreat Committee