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Ministering to Our Children & Youth, by Michael Molk

by Jamie Petts

Adults who volunteer as children’s guides and youth advisors in our Fellowship’s Religious Exploration (RE) program participate in fulfilling our mission: “Explore. Love. Act. We gather as an inclusive religious community to search for meaning, build deep connections, and inspire action toward a better world for all.” The Oxford Dictionary defines a “mission” as “a […]

Annual Meeting 2016

by Jamie Petts

This Sunday at 12:45 PM, the UUFC Annual Meeting will take place. Here’s what you need to know: Lunch and childcare will be provided. Join us in the Social Hall at 12:15 for a light lunch, then get any children who are with you settled with care providers and settle yourself in the Sanctuary/Fellowship Hall. […]

The Gathered Community

by Jamie Petts

Written by Monica Jacobson-Tennessen When our Puritan ancestors, from whom came the American Unitarians, formed a congregation, they said that congregation was “gathered” rather than “founded” or “established” or “planted.” In that phrase – the gathering of a congregation – there is a sense that our congregations are formed around a sense of recognition and […]

Between Us…

by Jill McAllister

Almost no one, anywhere in the world, can pretend to not know that many things on the earth are changing. But as with all times of turmoil, while some or even many people are directly affected (some devastatingly so), the effects on others are indirect, and may hardly be felt. It is always a temptation […]