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Religious Exploration for Youth, by Michael Molk

by Jamie Petts

Religious Exploration (RE) for teenagers at the Fellowship is based on the same underlying principles as we use for the younger children: creating emotionally safe space to examine questions and express oneself; age-appropriate development of critical thinking skills; guidance towards ethical and moral discernment; and pausing to appreciate the awe and wonder of life, and […]

What a Board Does

by Jamie Petts

Written by Monica Jacobson-Tennessen It is said of congregations that ministers and individual members come and go, but the congregation endures. Although a congregation is made up of individual people, it has a kind of life of its own that is bigger than the people within it, and more than the sum of their opinions. […]

Between Us

by Jill McAllister

Denise Levertov’s beautiful poem, “Beginners,” (in our hymnal #648) ends with these lines: “We have only begun to know the power that is in us if we would join our solitudes in the communion of struggle. So much is unfolding that must complete its gesture. So much is in bud.” This is an excellent description […]