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Between Us

by Jill McAllister

February was Black History Month, and it was a good beginning for us to commit to listening more closely to “other histories,” especially the stories of people who have been marginalized, targeted, and disregarded by our dominant cultures. It was a beginning which we will continue to build on, seeking out more stories, and increasing […]

Wholeness and the UUFC

by Jamie Petts

Written by Monica Jacobson-Tennessen In 1979, the Fellowship adopted our current statement of purpose: Our Fellowship is a community bound together in the quest for the significance of our common existence and for meaning and direction in our individual lives. In the free tradition of Unitarian Universalism we seek for ourselves and our children to […]

Between Us…

by Jill McAllister

We live in interesting times – as always! We live in a country actively engaged in change, yet at the same time nearly paralyzed by ideology and fears, or so it feels to many. A country deeply divided, with so many working so hard to take the lives of all citizens seriously by addressing racism, […]