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Freedom and Power

by Jamie Petts

Written by Monica Jacobson-Tennessen Unitarian Universalists have long had a difficult relationship with power. Our heritage, on both our Unitarian and our Universalist sides, prizes individual, intellectual and religious freedom. We abhor the idea of being forced to believe (or to pretend to believe) what someone else chooses for us. In practice, this often means […]

Hospitality as a Ministry, by Marcia Olsen

by Jamie Petts

In our UU congregations, we often speak of “shared ministry.” For our faith is not a top-down authoritarian structure; rather it is our members who call a minister, elect the Board of Trustees, and approve the budget. And it is our members and friends who serve as volunteers in the many functions required to keep […]

Building a Welcoming Space, by John Bailey

by Jamie Petts

Those who use the Fellowship building in 2015 would hardly recognize the place from 1985 when my wife Lisa and I signed the membership book. Our ‘campus’ then consisted of two disjointed and smaller buildings, some walkways between them and the street, and lots of open space that was well kept but pretty natural. I […]

Reaching Out in Love: The Simple Act of Welcoming, by Anna Emery

by Jamie Petts

Little did I know in 2010 when I agreed to help Newcomers serve coffee on the third Sunday of each month that it would lead to a transformative practice, for myself and for others. In joining the Membership Committee I learned of a workshop for anyone who had any curiosity or opinions at all about […]

Between Us …

by Jill McAllister

I’ve heard that as we age and mature, the best we can do is replace one habit with another habit. If that sounds too mundane, think about it again. If the habit is projecting anger on others by use of physical force, and it’s replaced with a practice of walking away and cooling down on […]