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The fact of diversity makes a difference

by Jill McAllister

This column was originally published in the Gazette-Times Interfaith Voices section on October 02, 2015. From a recent article in The Christian Century, an ecumenical American journal: When thousands of refugees from Syria risked their lives to make it to Hungary, the prime minister declared that he needed to secure his nation’s borders so as […]

Gifts of December

by Jill McAllister

This column was originally published in the Gazette-Times Interfaith Voices section on December 5, 2015. When I was a child, my family celebrated Christmas. It was the focus for every December, so much so that I thought December and Christmas were synonymous. I never quite understood the connection between Santa Claus and the birth of Jesus, but […]

Holding Our Differences, Being Together

by Jamie Petts

Written by Monica Jacobson-Tennessen It’s December again, that time of year when it’s popular to share articles about northern and eastern European words that capture the particular feeling of coziness in a warm home while a snow storm blows outside. These articles are popular not just because they say something about winter, but perhaps also […]