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The fact of diversity makes a difference

by Jill McAllister

This column was originally published in the Gazette-Times Interfaith Voices section on October 02, 2015. From a recent article in The Christian Century, an ecumenical American journal: When thousands of refugees from Syria risked their lives to make it to Hungary, the prime minister declared that he needed to secure his nation’s borders so as […]

Gifts of December

by Jill McAllister

This column was originally published in the Gazette-Times Interfaith Voices section on December 5, 2015. When I was a child, my family celebrated Christmas. It was the focus for every December, so much so that I thought December and Christmas were synonymous. I never quite understood the connection between Santa Claus and the birth of Jesus, but […]

Holding Our Differences, Being Together

by Jamie Petts

It’s December again, that time of year when it’s popular to share articles about northern and eastern European words that capture the particular feeling of coziness in a warm home while a snow storm blows outside. These articles are popular not just because they say something about winter, but perhaps also because they speak to […]