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Between Us …

by Jill McAllister

For many years my extended family had a Christmas tradition of putting all our names in a hat and selecting one name each for gift-giving. Instead of 20 of us buying and getting 20 gifts, we each gave and received one. Our children are now all grown, but through this practice they and the older […]

UU History For Today: John Murray’s Message of Love

by Jamie Petts

Written by Monica Jacobson-Tennessen In the 1790s, early American Universalist minister John Murray said, “Go out into the highways and byways of America, your new country. Give the people, blanketed with a decaying and crumbling Calvinism, something of your new vision. You may possess only a small light but uncover it, let it shine, use […]

What is Kirtan?

by Jamie Petts

Kitzie Stern of New World Kirtan hosts weekly kirtan worships at UUFC. She’s written this piece answering the question, “What is Kirtan?” The spiritual practice of singing kirtan originates in India, and pre-dates Christianity — if you practice yoga you’ve probably heard it played in class. Kirtan comes from a branch of yoga called Bhakti yoga. […]

Between Us…

by Jill McAllister

I would venture to say that at least 1/3 of the members of the UUFC, and maybe even as many as 1/2, have participated in some kind of diversity training to build awareness and skills in either multi-culturalism or anti-racism, or welcoming and team building, or some combination of these aims. If that’s true, then […]