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Behind today’s music

by Lauren Servias

Today’s guest speaker Niya Standish gave a thought-provoking sermon titled “Honoring Your Religious Past: Where Do We Come From, What are We, Where are We Going?”.  She spoke of both the diverse roots of Unitarian Universalism and the path that she travelled to her current personal beliefs.  Both stories illustrated how all faith traditions and experiences, large and small, shape who we are […]

Summer Religious Exploration Updates

by Jamie Petts

Summer Religious Exploration for Children and Youth Summer RE sessions happen every Sunday morning from 10:00 to 11:00 AM during the worship service. There are 3 different age groups: Infant/Toddlers in room 5, Pre-Kindergarteners through 6th grade in room 6-A, and teenagers 7th through 12th grades in room 7. Infant/Toddlers have supervised care and play. […]

Between Us …

by Jill McAllister

In the early years of my UUism, I recall often hearing the phrase “our method is our message.” I came to understand this to explain our non-creedal religious stance; a way of being religious not based on beliefs but on values. “Our method” still encompasses radical hospitality and inclusiveness, freedom of thought and practice, and […]