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UUFC 2015 Annual Meeting Summary

by Jamie Petts

The 2015 UUFC Annual Meeting was held on Sunday, May 17, and opened at 12:45 PM with a slideshow of photos by Mina Carson, featuring UUFC members and friends. The first business item on the agenda was a discussion of proposed amendments to our bylaws. President Kyle Jansson presented the proposed revisions to Article 4 […]

Climate Justice Work & Environmental Action

by Jamie Petts

Wherever there is trouble in the world, Unitarian Universalists always have been there to help. We have heard their stories from scenes of disaster relief and from the front lines of struggles for justice — for civil rights, for peace, for protecting the environment and the life it supports. UUs are present now, as we […]

Between Us…

by Jill McAllister

How can we possibly say thank-you enough for all of the work that is at the heart of the life of the UUFC? So many hours. So much dedication. So many different actions and tasks and offerings. Muscle and sweat and planning and being present. Cleaning and teaching and being with and working through and […]

The Global U-U Community

by Jill McAllister

Twenty years ago, I was member of the Board of Trustees of the UUA, elected to represent the Pacific Northwest District. In the middle of my 8-year term, I was asked to represent the UUA Board at a meeting of representatives of Unitarian and UU groups around the world, for the purpose of creating a […]

President’s Address

by Jamie Petts

The following is the talk (slightly modified) given by UUFC President Kyle Jansson at the May 17 annual meeting on “Thoughts on the Past, Present and Future of the UUFC, Including the Current Discussion About Future Structures.” Some of you may know that this is the 25th anniversary of my first term as UUFC president. […]