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Behind today’s music

by Lauren Servias

The two questions that I get asked the most at the UUFC are always, “What was that piece that you played for the prelude/offertory/postlude?” and “Why don’t you put the titles of your piano pieces in the order of service?” The answer to the second question can be answered easily: there are so many possibilities […]

Annual Meeting 2015

by Jamie Petts

Future Structures Discussions The UUFC Future Structures Task Force report is now being reviewed by the UUFC Board. The Board will propose the next steps for considering the future of our facilities at the congregation’s annual meeting on May 17. The board will look at the report, along with comments from the “World Café” in […]

Between Us …

by Jill McAllister

I’ve probably said this before, but that is true of many things! I want to say it again, because what happens at the Fellowship, especially on Sunday mornings, is important, and there are many people who are looking for it. The first time I attended a Sunday service at a Unitarian Universalist congregation, I was […]