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The New Sanctuary Movement

by Jamie Petts

By Elizabeth Sollie, ministerial intern As interest grows around the sanctuary movement, I have been asked to share my particular experience with the New Sanctuary Movement. My home congregation voted to become a sanctuary church and brought Arturo Hernandez-Garica into sanctuary in 2015. I was the president of the board during our discernment process. After […]

A note from our RE Associate, Rachel Kohler

by Jamie Petts

Who knew that six months could pass so quickly? Mid-July seems merely a few weeks past, when, unsure of what my future held, I stapled copies of my resume to job applications for Dutch Bros and grabbed my car keys on my way out the door to drop them off…and then Jill McAllister called to […]

Adult Religious Growth and Learning – by Ann Mbacke

by Jamie Petts

  Over the past few months, we have shared the seven principles and a brief description of what they mean; now let’s consider what they mean in action. Given the continued violence in the world around us – and, at times, within us – I have been going back to those who came before me […]